Berean Baptist Church
8825 West Broadway Ave
Brooklyn Park, MN  55445
Service Times
Sunday School: 9:30 AM
Sunday AM: 10:30 AM
Sunday PM: 6:00 PM
Wednesday PM: 7:00 PM

Abiding Radio Music

Worship Service Recordings

11-11-2018 Sunday School        Mike Mignard       Title:Sunday School       Text:Revelation

11-11-2018 AM Worship            Dr. Cary Flinck       Title:Caleb & Joshua       Text:Josh 14

11-04-2018 Sunday School        Mike Mignard       Title:Sunday School       Text:Revelation

11-04-2018 PM Worship            Dr. Cary Flinck       Title:A Prayer Life Like Daniel       Text:Daniel 9

11-04-2018 AM Worship            Dr. Cary Flinck       Title:Submitting To Authority       Text:1 Pet 2:11-25

10-28-2018 Sunday School        Dr. Cary Flinck       Title:Sunday School       Text:PSalm 116

10-28-2018 Other                Nancy and Maggie       Title:We Gather Together       

10-28-2018 AM Worship            Doug MacLachlan       Title:Family - Life - Truth       Text:1 Tim 3:14-16

10-21-2018 Sunday School        Mike Mignard       Title:Revelation       Text:Revelation 19

10-21-2018 PM Worship            Dr. Cary Flinck       Title:God's Grace In Spiritual Unity       Text:Eph 3

10-21-2018 Other                Maggie and Michelle       Title:Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow       

10-21-2018 AM Worship            Dr. Cary Flinck       Title:God's Grace In Salvation       Text:Eph 2

10-14-2018 Sunday School        Mike Mignard       Title:Revelation       Text:Revelation

10-14-2018 PM Worship            Dr. Cary Flinck       Title:The Efficiency Of Giving       Text:2 Cor 8

10-14-2018 AM Worship            Dr. Cary Flinck       Title:A Grace-Full Church       Text:John 1:14 ff

10-07-2018 Sunday School        Barry Beiles       Title:Sunday School       Text:Barry Beiles Ministry Report

10-07-2018 PM Worship            Barry Beiles       Title:Encouragement In The Cause Of Missions       Text:2 Cor 1

10-07-2018 AM Worship            Barry Beiles       Title:Pleasing To The LORD       Text:Col 1