Berean Baptist Church 8825 West Broadway Ave
Brooklyn Park, MN  55445
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Sunday School: 9:30 AM
Sunday AM: 10:30 AM
Sunday PM: 6:00 PM
Wednesday PM: 7:00 PM

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Worship Service Recordings

04-08-2020 PM Worship            Dr. Cary D. Flinck       Title:Praying For Other Christians       Text:Colossians 1:9-14

04-05-2020 AM Worship            Dr. Cary D. Flinck       Title:Behold, The Lamb of God       Text:Mark 14:26-65

04-01-2020 PM Worship            Dr. Cary D. Flinck       Title:Praying For Each Other       Text:Colossians 1:9-14

03-29-2020 AM Worship            Dr. Cary D Flinck       Title:The Hiding Place       Text:Psalm 91

03-25-2020 PM Worship            Dr. Cary D. Flinck       Title:The Christian and The New Man       Text:Colossians 3:10-17

03-22-2020 AM Worship            Dr. Cary Flinck       Title:A Mighty Fortress Is Our God       Text:Psalm 46

03-15-2020 AM Worship            Dr. Cary Flinck       Title:Sure Cure for Troubled Hearts       Text:John 13-16

03-08-2020 PM Worship            Dr. L. Mark Bruffey       Title:Partakers of the Divine Nature       Text:2 Peter 1:4ff

03-08-2020 AM Worship            Dr. L. Mark Bruffey       Title:Eight Statements of Faith       Text:2 Peter 1

03-01-2020 PM Worship            Simeon Counterman       Title:Trials of Life Part 2       

03-01-2020 AM Worship            Simeon Counterman       Title:Trials of Life Have Purpose       

02-23-2020 PM Worship            Dr. Cary Flinck       Title:Coming Joy       Text:Psalm 40

02-23-2020 AM Worship            Dr. Andy Counterman       Title:BEMELA       Text:Romans 1

02-16-2020 AM Worship            Dr. Cary Flinck       Title:Promised King       Text:Zepheniah 3

02-09-2020 PM Worship            Dr. Cary Flinck       Title:Minor Prophet       Text:Zepheniah

02-02-2020 AM Worship            Dr. Cary Flinck       Title:Faith       Text:Habakkuk 3

01-26-2020 AM Worship            Phil Harrell       Title:Obey. Remember.       Text:Deuteronomy 4

01-19-2020 PM Worship            Dr. Cary Flinck       Title:Pressing Toward The Mark       Text:Philippians 3